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Your Biggest Questions/Challenges Preventing Your Success (Answered)

Recently I emailed my subscribers and asked this question…

“What’s your biggest challenge or struggle right now keeping you from getting the results you want?”

The responses were a bit overwhelming… they came in from email replies, Facebook messages and even direct messages on Twitter… and as you know, I read every message sent to me.

I went through all your questions and was amazed that they all really boiled down to 5 common challenges. Yes, they were asked in many different ways, but really… they come down to these 5 things that I will address in this post.

The really cool thing is that none of these are really roadblocks for any of you… you’re only perceiving them to be …and we’re going to fix that in short order.

So lets dig in and talk about each of these… and my hope for you reading this right now, is that you will have a breakthrough. Clear these challenges out of your way and bulldoze right through them, as I know you can.

Challenge #1 :: Cannot afford to get started

I wanted to address this one first since it made up more than 50% of all the responses I received. It took on many forms like, “I’m broke and have no money, so I cannot do anything.”, “I’m on a fixed income, so I can’t afford to start.”, and many variations of, “I cannot find a business I can afford, or start for free.”

This is a super important topic because it’s preventing so many people from even taking the first steps toward creating a better life.

The Broke Mindset Prison

Here are a few resources to help you escape from “broke mindset prison”:

Here’s a recent post I made on facebook that shares a subscriber success story directly related to this topic. If this is your struggle right now, I highly encourage you to read it. – Read the facebook post here.

Here’s the blog post where I share 27 ways to generate funds to start or grow your business. (this is pure gold.. for those that take action)

Here’s the book I recommend that can help you understand how the way we think drives our self-image… which controls everything about us. “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz (highly recommended)

Challenge #2 :: Cannot get traffic or generate leads

This is the 2nd most reported challenge that many of you claim is preventing your success. The thing about getting traffic is that it’s actually the easiest thing of your entire business. I’m going to show you what I mean… and the real reason you’re not getting any traffic right now.

How To STOP Not Getting Traffic

If you’d like my free training where I lay out exactly what I do in a couple hours per day using Facebook, YouTube and my blog to generate super targeted free traffic and leads… just join my team here, then message me for the training.

Here’s the software I recommend for starting your own live team masterminds – zoom.us (It’s free to download, works on desktop and mobile)

If you want to check out the opportunity I promote. become part of my team, and have access to our weekly team masterminds as well as personal mentoring… you can see that here. Also keep in mind that your new team members will also have access to everything you do and that creates massive duplication. 🙂

Challenge #3 :: Cannot get my leads to take action (become buyers)

Once you’re generating leads, it’s time to focus on converting them to buyers. This is something that most never understand, and very few every talk about when it comes to conversions. Putting the proper systems in place will not really work for you if you don’t get this part straight first. I’m going to dig into a bit and you’ll quickly see how much sense this makes.

How To Increase Conversions (The Part Nobody Is Teaches)

If you get what I just talked about in the video, you’ll see how changing your thoughts and intent will drive you to taking more effective actions that will lead to a dramatic increase in conversions… people joining you in business, buying from you, etc.

When you come at things from a stance of helping others in your market, it drives you to speaking, creating content, and sharing things in such a way that people respond to.

Here’s an example:

Most people when they want to sell something, will talk about how good it is, talk about the features and benefits, etc. When you instead shift your mind to a focus of helping your customer… you buy it yourself, use it, gain a benefit… then share that experience with others since you know it can help them too. It allows you to create content, blog posts, videos, etc… that share how it benefited you, how you got the results you obtained, and how they can too.

That develops trust due to integrity. It’s a good way to set yourself apart from the masses that are hocking stuff they’ve never bought themselves, and trying to “sell” business opportunities they’ve never really gone to work in. Make sense?

In the video I mentioned some tips about using your personal facebook profile in such a way that your friends and family will love, but will also allow you to expand your sphere and attract new team members to join you in business, buy from you, etc… very effectively. You can get that complete training here free by just joining my team.

Challenge #4 :: Creating credibility and influence in my niche

Establishing credibility and creating influence in your market is directly related to increasing your sales conversions, but I wanted to dig a bit deeper into this topic for the benefit of those that asked specific questions about it.

The Biggest Secrets To Creating Credibility And Influence

In a recent blog post (How to Stand Out in Network Marketing) I broke down the “Learn, Do, Teach” strategy more and showed you exactly how to really stand out in network marketing.

If you don’t have a blog, or are currently using a blog on a free platform, or self-hosted wordpress blog… this is the blogging platform I recommend you switch to ASAP.

If you’ve not seen the system I personally use to create a multiple six-figure income working a couple hours per day online… I recommend you click here and pay close attention (before we increase the price).

Challenge #5 :: Unable to generate a steady or decent income with my business

There are a few reasons why this may be your challenge… and some of you may not like a couple of the things I say here, but I assure you that it’s valid. If you’ll really pay attention to the information I share here, you may discover some very crucial details that have been holding you back from accomplishing your financial goals.

This topic was better served by creating a dedicated blog post to address it… click here, or the image below to view the post.


Click the image above… or right here to see the answer to this challenge.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and got some good value from it. Now… it’s all about what you do with it. 🙂

For those that found this post, but don’t know who I am, I encourage you to watch this short video. I’ll share with you a bit more about my story and how I’ve been able to generate traffic, create influence and build a multi six-figure income online in my spare time… and do that from anywhere! Check it out!

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  • Am the one who told you i lost all my retirement funds …. but i watched all your YouTube tapes and two days ago implemented the curation process on a brand new website and got 280 unique visitors from just two leadgen articles. One phone call but no sale yet.So i know what your talking about.



    • Of course Hans.. I remember you. That is awesome my friend!! Way to take action on what you learned. 🙂

  • What a great post Jon. I hope people that have the poor mindset are really able to hear this…for their sake.

    • Thanks Denise! I hope so too. So many allow scarcity and a poor self-image to drive their actions… It literally shuts them down from accomplishing anything they want. When you can recognize how powerful the mind is, you can really set yourself free… and nothing can stop you. 🙂

  • As always, great stuff Jon. Looking forward to the other videos. I am always learning and applying……

    • stay tuned LT… video 3 coming today, and the other 2 will be in next 2 weeks 🙂

  • Hi Jon,

    This post is absolutely fantastic!!! Applaud you for sharing this well written blog post and training video series. The value that you’re sharing in the market is second to none. You’re awesome! Cheers!

    ~ Sonny

    • Thanks so much Sonny.. appreciate your comment man. I’ve got lots more to share and love how this blog gives me such an incredible outlet for it. 🙂

  • Hello Jon, WOW! this is an amazing blog post!!
    so much value its incredible, thank you so much for your unselfish devotion to help others succed and share your knowledge with us.

    • Thanks so much Josh.. appreciate your visit and awesome comment. 🙂

  • WOW!!! One of the best blog posts about making things happen in online business that I read. Thank you very much for all the work that you did to put this post together.

    • Michael… thanks brother! appreciate your comment, and you’re very welcome 🙂

  • Hi Jon,

    Nice Post.

    Don’t know if this is the place to ask you this question or not. Appologise for asking here.

    Just came across you video on youtube.

    Please don’t overlook my msg. I’ve seen you give honest reply to everyone who asked you about thier queries.

    Jon I’ve been struggling with making Online money for the last one and half years.
    Spent lots and lots of money purchasing different products / training etc.

    Nothing worked. Few of them proved to be scam.

    I have spent $700 for coaching from a big marketer recently. But still yet to earn my very first dollar online.

    Your video has really blown me away.

    I want to join iPAS2 under you brother. Want to get your step-by-step guidence how to go with the system.

    BUT the million dollar question for me right now bro is, How much shall I’ve to invest.

    I’ve already lost lots of money online.

    I’ve seen you answer someone in the comment section of the video that minimum $47 is a must.

    Yah, I can invest that much right now.

    If I can earn anything out of that fast, I’ll again re-invest that for earning more. This is the process I can follow right now bro.

    NOW please let me know can I proceed further. If yes then please let me know how.

    Shall I get your step-by-step guidence inside the system if I join under you?? I’m desperate to make good money online.

    I’m asking these bro because, you appeared a very honest and straight forward person to me.

    Waithing for your reply brother.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • San,

      I have responded to your question in the email you sent me. 🙂


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