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The Online Business “Lifestyle” Model That Changed Everything For Me

Since my early 20’s I’ve always dreamed of living a life where I could do whatever I wanted… life as an endless vacation with recreation mixed in.

Who wouldn’t want that right?

Life just always has a funny way of getting in the way of those dreams… and as years go by, for most people, those dreams get filed away in the “not attainable” file.

For me… I just could never let it go. I knew my dream lifestyle was attainable, and I was going to figure out a way.

If you’re currently promoting affiliate products, a network marketing opportunity, or just looking for a way to create a true lifestyle change… be sure to read this entire post, because it can completely change your life… if you let it.

I’ve spent the last 20 years as an entrepreneur, building both traditional businesses as well as network marketing. In traditional business, I’ve build several successful businesses with high income, but I felt “owned” by my business… even though I had the income, I was a slave that had to show up every day, manage employees, deal with customer issues, etc. It was not the lifestyle I really wanted… and that’s why I was always attracted to the concept network marketing.

However, network marketing came with it’s own bucket of frustration… bugging friends and family, home and hotel meetings, training new reps only to have them quit the next week… all for ridiculously low commissions per customer. In a perfect world, the leverage and networking aspect of it was awesome, but in reality… the way it’s practiced by most… the return is not worth the work. The truth is, most people in network marketing don’t really understand their business model or compensation plan, they continue to promote even when the math simply does not work.

After a very frustrating run of several years in network marketing, I was convinced that it was not possible to build a network marketing business that generated a high income and real time-freedom at the same time… so I turned to the affiliate marketing industry and went to work.

After 2 years of focusing on affiliate marketing I had gotten to the point where I could create a full time income, but… the amount of time I had to spend sitting at my computer was not appealing to me, and ever time I tried to step away for few days, my campaigns would fall apart, traffic would change, affiliate offers would be changed or removed, etc. It was a constant battle of building new campaigns faster than others were failing. Again… not the lifestyle I was trying to create.

Then something happened…

I came across a business model that blended the benefits of affiliate marketing… fast sales, front-end income, high conversions… with the leverage of network marketing.

Imagine getting sales every day as an affiliate.. only each of those new sales is a new member in your team that will now plug into a system that will train them to do the exact same thing as you and produce their own sales… allowing you to override a portion of income from EVERYONE over multiple levels!

And… you get paid large commissions on all product sales, instead of the normal small commissions in the affiliate marketing and network marketing industry.

It’s where affiliate marketing meets networking… creating the best of both worlds… front-end money, monthly residuals, team sales overrides… and it’s already creating some of the biggest paychecks the industry has ever seen!

Here’s a short video for you…


If you’re a network marketer…

Imagine having a clear path to signing up 2, 5, 10, or even 20 or more new team members per day without having to “prospect”, call leads, do home or hotel meetings… or drive across town to be no-showed at Starbucks.

Imagine being able to earn a full time income quickly (no more 5 year plan)… and earn as much as $7,000+ on a single sale… and earn residual monthly income from every member you and your team members enroll, down multiple levels. There’s absolutely no other compensation plan in the industry that comes even close.

I know many leaders in other network marketing companies with active teams of 3000, 5000, even more… that still don’t make a steady six-figure income. Here, with an active team of even 100, you can be creating a full time passive income… not including any personal sales or direct team passups!

If you’re an affiliate marketer…

Imagine being able to finally create stability in your income, and earn the high income without having to sit at your computer tracking campaigns 10 hours a day. You can apply the leverage of network marketing without hand-holding newbies… the system and our team structure does the training… you just plug people into what we’re already doing, and allow them to thrive.

Save a lot of time by using our constantly updated marketing tools, capture pages, email copy, traffic sources and strategies that are already proven.

How To Get Started

Getting started is easy… Just click here, watch the video and the join button will appear after the timer expires.

Once you activate a trial account here, everything will be explained inside, and you can get setup and rolling through our step-by-step process. You don’t need to know anything or have any experience to get started, and keep in mind that this is a complete business system, so you don’t need to have any products or services of your own… it’s all provided.

As soon as you join, you’ll have your own personal business success coach to help you get started. The goal is to have you getting sales in your first 7 days… and you can do that if you take this seriously. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook with questions, or to just see if I’m a real person. 🙂

This model and system has allowed me to create the freedom lifestyle I’d been struggling to create for years… and I feel like we’re only just getting started.


Our team’s mission is to free another 200 new families this year… and we’re going to do it. Are you coming along? 🙂

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  • So well written Jon

    • Thanks John B! Appreciate you 🙂

  • Good post. Funny you should mention “5-year Plan”… I had to rely on an old Soviet 5-year Plan to get back to this country (yes, from the former Soviet Union).

    Aside from that odd note, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed joining you on our Team Consistency Hangouts on Saturday. Your insights are straight to the point and as a newbie, I am learning a lot. I appreciate all you do to help us get set up correctly. Thanks Jon! Look forward to seeing you in Orlando…

    • You’re so welcome Jonelle! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the stuff I’ve shared. Stick with us and you will not be a newbie for long 🙂


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