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Traffic Broker Test Nets Killer Results (Case Study)

Over the past 30 days, I’ve been testing out a turn-key traffic broker source and sharing the results with my team mastermind group. Before I dive in and give you a sneak peak, I want to give you a bit of information so you fully understand these results.

What I mean by a “turn-key” traffic source…

There are many ways to get traffic to your website or online offer, and as most of you know… the majority of my traffic is from free traffic strategies (social media, video marketing, and blogging). However, in my opinion… the best way to go is a combined strategy of both free and paid traffic.

With paid traffic, you can learn how to use marketing platforms like Facebook Ads (highly recommended), you can negotiate deals directly with solo ads providers… or you can turn to traffic brokers (“turn-key”, or “push-button” traffic).

There are advantages and disadvantages of all the above. I love Facebook Ads… but for a brand new person there is quite a steep learning curve that will take time, effort and dedication to overcome. This is why so many turn to traffic brokers for the ease, speed and simplicity of getting the traffic.

When it comes to traffic brokers… most are not worth spit, and the simplicity comes with a price of giving up control over quality, and many that don’t understand this lose their shirt… quickly! …if you’re new to paid traffic, be sure to read my post on 5 Lessons Learned About Buying Traffic.

That brings us to my most recent test using an undisclosed traffic broker… because not all traffic brokers are bad.

Here are the results:

  • I purchased 1000 Clicks for $800 (larger and smaller packages are available)
  • Traffic was all sent to a lead capture page (highly recommended)
  • The lead capture page I selected for this test converted at 30% (average results)
  • The offer was the business opportunity that I promote (and highly recommend – you’ll see why)

(1000) Clicks (Visitors)
(320) Leads
(16) $7 Trial signups (16 X $4.90 + $32.90 per month commission)
(8) $47 Upsells (8 X $32.90 commission)
(1) PRO Upgrade ($87.50 per month commission)
(1) BLACK Upgrade ($3,000 commission)

Gross Revenue: $3,955
Ad Spend: -$800
Cancellations: -$113
Net Revenue (first month): $3,042
Recurring Revenue: $500.90/mo

That’s a $3.04+ EPC (Earnings Per Click)!!

*The above stats are just for the first 30 days… there will be more that join over time since they are now in my marketing funnel, and there will likely be a few more that cancel (that’s just reality in any business).

As you can see, the revenue created right on the front-end, more than paid for the cost of the traffic.

I know that compared to other turn-key traffic sources, this one at $0.80 – $0.87 per click is a bit higher… but the cost per click is by far not the most important metric you should be looking at…


Would you rather pay $1.00 per click and get 1 sale out of every 25 clicks …or would you rather pay $0.35 per click and get 1 trial signup out of every 200 clicks?

The first option gives you a $25 cost per customer acquisition… where the second option is at $70.

Every single day, I see people in the internet marketing/network marketing industry spending money on traffic and sending that traffic to offers that either don’t convert well, or don’t make sense financially even if they do. Even spending the time to use free traffic strategies are in vain if your business model is flawed.

You could use this exact same traffic source and send the traffic to a different offer and get totally different results. As you can see… its the ability to earn higher-ticket commissions in addition to recurring revenue on the back end that makes all the difference between big profit and loss.

This traffic source has been revealed in our private team group, as will all additional traffic sources that we continue to test and share, along with the most effective free traffic generation strategies.

If you liked the level of information shared in this post, please share and leave me a comment below. 🙂

…and if you’d like to see what we’re doing to get these results, you can go here and watch the video that explains.

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  • Jon, thank you for the information that your provide for others. It has truly helped me get on the right path. You truly are a leader in the industry.

    • Thanks for taking the time to post that comment Scott.. I appreciate you man 🙂

  • Wow. Awesome results! Congrats!

    • Thank you Melinda! Check back for a lot more posts like this coming 🙂

  • Get way to leverage a paid system, what an awesome system you rock John Ochs!

    • Thanks Lincoln… appreciate that man 🙂

  • Hi jon love this post
    I would like to know how to get into the private group as to test the traffic source for myself?
    I also am a member of the system that you are promoting and must say that it is awesome system love to do this kind of stuff.

    Kind regards
    christo zeelie

    • Hey Christo… thanks for your comment bro! The group I’m referring to in this post is my private mastermind group for my EN team. Private message me on Facebook and I’ll connect you with this source. 🙂


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