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I’d Rather Be Riding My Bike

Everyone has a passion, although some may not have discovered their’s yet. Outside of my passion for helping people become free through internet marketing…

I love riding my Mountain Bike!

For me, creating an online and mostly automated business has been a way to “find my voice” and turn the tables on the Work vs. Play paradigm.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time because I decided at a young age that I refused to go down that road of being a slave to an employer or being a victim of the economy. My parents taught me that I could create whatever life I wanted.

I’m certainly not ever going to say it’s been an easy journey, but every experience has been an incredible adventure. I always knew that if I could find the right business model, the right way of using “leverage”… that I could create a business that would allow me to pursue my passions… and live my life flat out… doing what I want, when I want… with whomever I want!

In October 2012, all the pieces aligned correctly and I finally had that business model I always dreamed of.

From there, it only took me 8 months to create a six-figure business that only required a couple hours per day of work. Now that that it’s in place, I am now free to enjoy more of life, help others discover and achieve a freedom lifestyle… and do more of what I want.

Here are a few videos to share with you what I love so much about mountain biking. There are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors from the saddle… Downhill, Freeriding, Singletrack Trail Riding… And even Urban Street Domination.

Gnarly Freeride Downhill Mountain Biking

MTB Freeride Trails… with Jumps

Urban City MTB Riding… Street Domination

Do More Of What You Love

I spend a few hours each week sharing content, creating blog posts like this, sharing cool stuff on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn and building relationships with like-minded people all over the world.

You see, building an online business today using leverage is all about having like-minded and interested people contacting you, buying your products… joining you in business… NOT chasing people that don’t care.

I have systems in place that attract the right people, those looking to create a better life. Each day, a few of the right people decide that they want to use the same freedom model that I’ve been using, they join me in business and we work together as a supportive community to create the lives we really want.

In order for this to work for you, you must realize and accept a couple important things…

  1. Any reason you can come up with of why you can’t do something (lack of technical skills, no experience, etc.) is simply an excuse… nothing more.
  2. Success is dominated by “action takers”. If you want to achieve success in anything, you have to be one.

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What’s your passion?.. What would you rather be doing than working 8-10 hours/day at your job? Leave me a comment below and share.

Pursue Your Passions! 🙂

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  • wow, i am wondering how intensely you ride your mountain bike. fun and wild videos to watch. that is NOT how i like to take risks in life. great post, Jon. thanks for sharing.

    • It all depends on what I feel like that day Nancy, and of course who’s with me. 🙂

  • Jon, a great example of how “pull-marketing” is a much more desirable position to be in than “push-marketing.” Live your life the way you want to, share it and let others decide they want to know how you do it! The system you showed me has helped me leverage my time better, creating more opportunity for me to do the things I love! Spend time with family and more time outdoors! Thanks for sharing your passion! It inspired me!

    • Great to hear that Jeff. I appreciate you man, and thanks so much for your comment. 🙂


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