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How To Stand Out In Network Marketing – Get Noticed And Get Results

I wanted to share this post because I feel that this is incredibly important for anyone trying to change their lifestyle through network marketing. As you’re probably aware, in the network marketing / MLM industry… average results suck!

Your ability to succeed will depend on standing out, and NOT being average.

The fastest, and probably the best way to escape “Average” is in learning how to become a problem solver. This one skill will put you miles ahead of the average person who always looks to others to solve their problems.

How to NOT be Average

Bear with me for a second, then we’ll come back around to our main topic…

The average person today is living paycheck to paycheck. They have no time and no extra money. If it weren’t for credit, they may be living on the street. They are one car accident, one major medical issue or one financial misstep away from disaster… and the reality is that most people fall within the bounds of average (that’s why it’s average).

For example… when average people evaluate a business opportunity, they ask questions like, “What are the average earnings?” ..or “What kind of results does the average person get?”.

If that’s you… don’t worry, thinking about this, and acknowledging it is the first step to correcting it.

Ask yourself this question, “Do I really want to be average?” If the answer is “NO”, why do you care what the average results are?

Instead, you should be asking, “What kind of results are the top earners getting?” …Make more sense?

…Because no matter what you’ve been told, being average is YOUR choice!

So… that brings us back around to our topic. If you decide you don’t want to be average, then you need to become a problem solver. The better you get at solving problems (your’s and other’s), the more you increase your value to your market.

People who are extremely successful have all developed problem solving skills. They don’t always know all the answers, but they know how to get them without being dependent on others.

One of the benefits of being in the information age, is the abundance of information. It’s everywhere, and much of it is free. If you get stuck on something (anything), the first thing you should do is “Google it” or “YouTube it”. Just ask your question right into the search bar on either Google or Youtube and chances are someone has already created a solution to your exact problem. The more you do this, the better at it you become and the less time it takes you to find answers.

Often, to get to the most “qualified” information to solve a problem, you need to spend money on a book or online course. You need to not be afraid to spend money to develop yourself, your knowledge and your skills.

If you’re of the mindset that everything on the internet is “qualified” information, you are setting yourself up for a long struggle. The information that I’ve paid for over the years has helped me to greatly increase my value and that has made me a lot of money.

Learning to solve your own problems makes you self-reliant, but learning to solve other’s problems can make you a fortune!

The first step is solving your own problems… from there, you expand and begin sharing solutions with others. When you cross that bridge, things will really start to change. You become a qualified expert and people will seek you out.

When you apply this to in the home business profession, it means more traffic, more leads, more customers and more team members. You literally become the person that people simply want to join.

Here’s how problem solving is an essential part of a proven methodology…

Learn, Do, Teach

You learn new skills through information (reading, studying, watching training videos, purchasing and absorbing professional training, etc.)

You take action on what you’ve learned and work through any issues along the way (problem solving)

You share your results and what you did to achieve them with others, solving their problems… increasing your value to your market (potential customers).

Often people will try to skip the “Do” phase. We’ve all seen them, they are the ones trying to teach you how to do something they’ve never actually done themselves… and we all can see right through it. Skipping the “Do” phase will ensure a difficult path.

Will You Stay Average?

Average people simply go through life doing the same thing and asking for or expecting raises, more vacations, better results. They are generally unhappy and live with regret… regret about not spending enough time with their family and friends, regret about not traveling enough and seeing the world, regret about not really doing the things they dream about, and depending on others to solve their problems for them. They have a firm belief that life is happening to them… and is outside their control.

Or… Will You Step Away From The Herd?

If you want more and are willing to step away from average… try putting some of these things into action starting today, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly things can change for YOU.

A Strategy & Vehicle For Change

If you’re reading this post, you may already be in the network marketing profession, but perhaps you’re still struggling to get out of that pool of “average” results.

Let me share with you how to get on the fast track to becoming a problem solver and establishing yourself as a leader in the industry using a very powerful system that gives you access to all the training you need (from beginner to advanced)… This is the exact formula that I’ve used to sponsor over 300 people and go from zero to $10,000/mo in 8 months… then on to over $25,000 in a single month… all within my first 26 months.

…if you want to see the exact system and business model that I use and recommend…

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Income Disclamer: My results are NOT average, nor are they a guarantee of income.

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    Thanks, JO, more good info; when in doubt, Google It.

    That works for me.

    Although, Sometimes a quick answer is “refreshing.” 🙂

    • Thanks Don! 🙂

  • Jeesus Jon! You are pure gold!
    Thank You!

    • Hey Kaspars… Thanks so much man! 🙂

  • Hi Dear John Ock!

    I feel to be under the everage people and dont have any patient when I am in a trading
    What can I learn from you?

    When I am in a network…..it is easy to be misoriented or dismiss a person who I would need for, though when I can have one person that I have to be ready for paying for every kind of tricks.

    • Horvath Ernone, Hmmmmmmmm… not really sure what you’re asking/saying. Thanks for your comment though. 🙂

  • Great post Jon!
    Like always, straight to the point, truthful, educational and based on your experience.
    Great value!
    Appreciate it!

  • Another great piece. At the end of the day “average” really is a choice. We can choose our way right out of it with the right focused and consistent action. Nice work Jon!

    • Thank you Gary! 🙂


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