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How To Flip An Upside Down Video (Best Method)

Yikes!… it’s upside down.

You shoot a video using your iPhone or other mobile device, download it to your desktop or laptop only to find that it’s upside down. Now what?

Here’s the best way to flip that upside down video… right side up.

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Over the past couple years I’ve had this happen quite a bit where I’ve needed to rotate or flip the orientation of my video. The real problem is mostly centered around the iPhone. In order to comfortably record myself on video, I use my right hand extended with my thumb on the button. This puts the selfie camera in the right spot, but will produce an upside down video when downloaded to my laptop.

If I flip the iPhone over, I cannot reach the button and my hand partially blocks the camera. So… it’s just easier to flip the video once I download it.

I’ve tried several other solutions to do this, including iPhone apps… and they just don’t do the job as easily and retain the video quality like using the method outlined above. The other thing is that this does not require you to buy any special software since the tool I use is a 100% free open-source download.

I hope you found this information useful… Be sure to leave me a comment and tell me if you did. 🙂

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