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Don’t Be STATIC In A World Of CHANGE

You may be surprised to see some of the facts in the infographic below about Entrepreneurs… Scroll though it and let it soak in.

And think about this…

  • 68 Macy’s stores are closing.
  • ALL Limited stores are CLOSED.
  • 108 Kmart stores are closing.
  • 42 Sears stores are closing.
  • 88 HH Greg Stores are closing.
  • 60 Abercrombie and Fitch stores are closing.
  • 160 Crocs stores are closing.
  • 240 Family Christian stores are closing.
  • 171 Wet Seal stores closing.
  • 120 BCBG stores closing.

Companies are outsourcing, downsizing… and more!

The largest transportation provider in the U.S. doesn’t own a single car (#Uber)

The new largest hotel company in the world doesn’t own a single hotel (#Airbnb)

#Amazon just surpassed #Walmart as the nation’s largest retailer (and, MUCH more valuable) & they don’t own a single store.


So the question is… what are you doing right now to ensure you’re not left high and dry by these constant shifts?

I’m so happy I grew up in an entrepreneurial household and learned right out of the gate that life is all about what you create.

Any dream can be achieved by those that don’t wait around for someone else to do something, or give them something.

Success is had by those who reach out and grab opportunity with both hands and never let go… accept challenge and overcome them… and don’t listen to people who are not on their same path.

If you don’t LOVE what you do right now… perhaps it’s time for you to SHIFT… perhaps it’s time for you to EMBRACE CHANGE and do your own thing?

If you don’t know where to start… here’s what I recommend.

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