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5 Ways To Come Up With 50 Great Blog Post Topics In 10 Minutes

The most common thing I hear from people whenever the subject of ‘blogging’ is brought up, is that they don’t have any idea what to blog about. I know this feeling well because I once felt that way myself.

I’m confident that once you read this post and watch my video, you’ll see a clear path to blogging… and you’ll realize how incredibly easy it is to come up with great blog post topics and content that will bring you new leads and customers lickity-split!

Blog Post Idea Generator


So how does blogging about an upcoming movie help build your business?..

Simple!.. when you blog about any popular topic, you get attention and traffic. As long as you’ve properly optimized your blog to collect leads and convert prospects.. you will benefit BIG!

Think about about this… When you visit a major website like weather.com who do you see advertising on the sidebar, in the content… and all over the site?… Many different brands, products and services.

If you’re a network marketer or affiliate marketer… you can blog about traffic strategies, blogging, lead generation, list building, social media, how to tutorials, movies, comedy, political issues, social issues, current events… virtually anything. …and the more people you get to your blog posts, the more that will become leads and/or sales, connect with you and get to know you better… and further the relationship.

If you’re a real estate agent… you can blog about neighborhoods, local restaurants, the housing market, local real estate news, movies, food, provide helpful tips, home loan programs.. share success stories of happy clients.. anything! …and some of your visitors will connect with you and decide to work with you.

This concept works for ANY business or purpose!

The best thing about blogging is the LEVERAGE. You can do a post today that will still be getting you traffic, leads and sales years from now. I personally have blog posts that I wrote over a year ago that get traffic, generate leads and get me new signups every single month!

I hope you enjoyed this post and now realize how easy blogging really can be. Now it’s time for you to start building your online empire. 🙂

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  • Hi…clicked the link to find out more about Kalatu……it took me here: http://www.fighttheforcesofevil.com/beach/3-step-money?id=logicblogger

    Is this right? Went back to your blog post and re-did this 3 times, same result every time. Looking at the footer, it seems to be an optin for more info about Empower Network.

    Michael Rytter

  • Jon, I can’t tell you how much you have helped me through this learning process. You know my sponsor is from another country and is not actively helping me but all I’ve learned (or at least some of it ) has provided me with hope that I will make it through this and I don’t have to quit. Thank You for being who you are and someday you and yours will get payback for the help you provide for people who have a handy-cap (sorta). I hope someday my husband and I will get to meet you and your wife.
    Take care

    • Frieda… thank you so much for your comment, I’m so happy to hear that the content and experiences I share have helped you so significantly. I hope you meet you also some day, and if you’re part of Empower Network, I hope you see you at our next live event. 🙂

  • [ Smiles ] This is the first time that I have read about Kalatu.

    Anyway, I am a hobbyist blogger and that looks as though it was designed for business-oriented blogs in mind.

    • Hey Renard… that’s because Kalatu is a brand new platform. You can use Kalatu for any type of blogging and the cool thing is that you can earn money from it passively, or actively… it’s up to you. You can learn more about it right here and see if it’s a good fit. We have a lot of hobbyists using this platform currently.

  • dude I totally love your content and your videos. you give so much value and you totally break things down so simple. thanks for sharing the great tips. your blog is defiantly bookmarked.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback Joss! …I write and share stuff that I wish I had when I was just getting started, and it’s always nice to hear that people are finding it helpful. 🙂

  • Great video. That gives me a lot of ideas about content. Thanks

    • Thank you Bill! Appreciate it 🙂


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