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29 Ways To Stay Creative For Entrepreneurs

When you’re an entrepreneur wearing all the different hats to effectively run a business… staying creative can often be a challenge.

I think every individual has a few of their own unique ways to get inspiration and get those creative juices flowing… for me, I like to hit the trails on my mountain bike with my favorite music in my ears.. for others it could taking a walk… or hitting the gym.

If you’ve not yet found your most effective ways to clear your head and tap into your creative self, check out these ideas…


Surely there is at least one or two ideas here that will work for you. If not, I do highly recommend getting out into the fresh air and pushing yourself physically… it always seems to work for me. 🙂

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  • Jon, great ideas on a subject that everyone can relate to. I like #7-Sing in the shower, #9-Listen to music and #13-Collaborate. But like you mention, there is nothing more stimulating than to get outside and get some type of exercise. I too love to bike…and run, hike and swim!


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