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17 Best Email Subject Lines (You’re Guaranteed To Open)

Having trouble getting people to open your emails?… It may be as simple as making a few tweaks to your your email subject lines.

When I first got started building my list and emailing regularly, I was nearly always discouraged by super low open rates. …And you know, if you can’t get people to open your emails… you’ll have a tough time getting anyone to see your stuff.

Although there are many factors that will affect the number of your emails that even hit your subscriber’s inbox (we’ll save that topic for another post), by far the the biggest factor in getting someone to open your message… is the subject of your email.

Here are 17 email subject lines that I’ve had really great success with. Although most of these are specific to the online marketing niche, feel free to customize and use these to fit nearly any purpose or topic.


This one was inspired by well-known internet marketer Frank Kern. I’ve received several emails from him over the years with that exact subject line… and it get’s me every time. When it comes to email subject lines… often simple is best.

I almost forgot about you

This one has worked really well for me, especially when sending out as an email to regain attention from my segmented “unopens” list (those that have not opened an email in a while).

you’re dead to me

As mentioned in the one above… this email subject is one I use for that same purpose.

I’m dying to show you this

Keep in mind when you’re creating your email subjects that your subscribers on your list are real people… just like your friends and family. The closer you can construct your emails so they just seem like natural stuff you might receive from a friend… the better results you can get.

you make me feel like…

The use of “…” in your subjects can have a negative effect on your inboxing rate, but I’ve found that to be negligible when used properly, and it certainly outweighs the increased open rate from those that will simply click out of curiosity to find out what comes next.

I just can’t quit doing this

Open ended references like this really help open rates because they build curiosity. I bet right now you’re wondering what “this” is.

are you quitting on me?

This subject line can be applied in a variety of messages, and I think is effective because it has a very personal feel to it.

forget it.. nevermind

This one has gotten me a killer open rate. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out how to use it so it’s congruent with your email body copy.

I really hope you didn’t do this

Use this one, or a variation and get ready for some sweet opens! One thing’s for sure… people are always afraid of doing things wrong. This subject line plays on that perfectly.

holy sh*t batman

HAHA!… I like to occasionally throw in the random expletive subject line… it tends to wake people up. Some are afraid to do this because they worry about offending someone, but if you do it tastefully and use characters and punctuation to “blank out” a few letters, you can not only get away with it, but it’s very effective.

do you want this? I have more than I…

Using a question in your email subject line will often net a good email open rate… and here I also added the fragmented sentence to instill a bit more curiosity. Does it make you wonder what I have more of?

better let me know soon

Using urgency in your subject can often work very well. Other ideas for this could be, “I need to know tonight”, or “end of today… and this is gone.”

cover your eyes.. this is a bit shocking

There’s just something about the word “shocking” that aligns those eyeballs. There are many ways to use it, so throw it in there once in a while… but please don’t put it in every other email. If you do that, your subscribers will become desensitized rather quickly and you’ll be shocked as your open rates hit the floor. 🙂


Another example of simplicity. This one word has worked very well for me… and you can get very creative coming up with email body copy to work well with this one.

I don’t understand

I’ve used this one on a few occasions and matched it with a message that served to explain something perceived to be complicated… or to drive subscribers to a training.

this was a total faceplant

My list loved this subject… and it was the perfect match for sharing a story where I completely bombed out on a marketing campaign. …Yes, I highly recommend you share both the good and bad examples with your subsribers… showing that you’re a normal vulnerable person just like everyone else, goes a long way to building that relationship.

I included you in this Facebook post

Including “facebook” in my subjects always increases opens. I’ll leave you to get creative and come up with all the ways to do that.

Hopefully you’ve gotten some good ideas from these email subject lines that have worked well for me. If you’re brand new to list building and online marketing… here is a free training that I know you’ll love.

…and if you want a real shortcut to online business success, this is what I recommend and use.

Have a killer email subject line, or question?… be sure to leave me a comment below and share. 🙂

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  • What an awesome post Jon! I’ve found myself opening emails with those subject lines. I am now going to start implementing them in my email marketing.
    Thanks Jon

    • Thanks Darren! …Yep, you’ve a been a strong opener for sure. I’m sure you’ll get some good results from these. Appreciate you bro! 🙂

  • Awesome! People love the word Facebook. I’ll have to try some of those out

    • Yes Matthew… they sure do. Let me know what kind of results you get from them. 🙂

  • Thanks Jon!

    This is exactly what I needed to hear. Email opening is definitely one of the things that I have been struggling with, hopefully now that will not longer be a problem! Keep providing value man!

    Victoria B.

    • Victoria, I’m so happy to hear that!… just stick to it, tweak your subjects and body copy and model from other successful entrepreneurs and you’ll get better and better with time. Thank you for your visit and comment. 🙂

  • Great post Jon. Love the headlines!

    • Thank you Ralph… test some of these out and see what happens 🙂

  • Wow! These are phenomenal subject lines Jon! Have bookmarked this post for easy reference and will begin implementing these into our marketing. Can totally see why the face planting one received such high open rates because so many can relate and agree that it’s important to share both experiences with your subscribers. Thanks so much for this extremely valuable content. Appreciate you!

    • Brian & Felicia…. thanks my friends! Yeah, that was something that took me a bit to really grasp, but once I started sharing some of my bad results (as long as I had overcome them), I really began to create stronger relationships with my subscribers. Showing that you are vulnerable just like them is important. Rock on! 🙂

  • Great ideas. I’ll have to test these!

    • Hey Alicia, thanks! Let me know how they work or ya 🙂

  • Hey Jon, great post…very well written and personal and awesome content. I look forward to playing with some of those subject lines. Thanks so much. Nancy

    • You’re so welcome Nancy… thanks so much for your comment. Share with me how those work for you. 🙂

  • Awesome post Jon! Everyone got my attention! Nice work….as always!

    • Thanks Jeff! Glad you like it 🙂

  • Jon, another great post with a ton of value. The moment I started getting creative with subject lines, the entire scope my email marketing changed:) I’ll be swiping some of these in your post for sure. Great work!

    • Thanks Gary… I think when most people first get started in marketing, they’re a bit apprehensive to get creative and step out of that “normal” box. However, as you stated.. it’s where the results really happen. Thanks for your comment my friend, keep rockin it. 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing this Jon! I thoroughly enjoy your content as it is so very helpful and this post is no exception. I love this topic of headlines and this post helped me get creative and come up with my own creative headlines.

    • You are so welcome Deanna. I’m so glad to hear that, and I appreciate your feedback. 🙂

  • Jon, a few that I like are;

    1. Wait! Before you go…

    2. Sorry you missed it…

    3. Did you request a new password?

    • Oh, nice ones Jeff. Thanks for sharing…. I bet the “did you request a new password?” gets crazy opens. 🙂


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