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Don’t Be STATIC In A World Of CHANGE

You may be surprised to see some of the facts in the infographic below about Entrepreneurs… Scroll though it and let it soak in.

And think about this…

  • 68 Macy’s stores are closing.
  • ALL Limited stores are CLOSED.
  • 108 Kmart stores are closing.
  • 42 Sears stores are closing.
  • 88 HH Greg Stores are closing.
  • 60 Abercrombie and Fitch stores are closing.
  • 160 Crocs stores are closing.
  • 240 Family Christian stores are closing.
  • 171 Wet Seal stores closing.
  • 120 BCBG stores closing.

Companies are outsourcing, downsizing… and more!

The largest transportation provider in the U.S. doesn’t own a single car (#Uber)

The new largest hotel company in the world doesn’t own a single hotel (#Airbnb)

#Amazon just surpassed #Walmart as the nation’s largest retailer (and, MUCH more valuable) & they don’t own a single store.


So the question is… what are you doing right now to ensure you’re not left high and dry by these constant shifts?

I’m so happy I grew up in an entrepreneurial household and learned right out of the gate that life is all about what you create.

Any dream can be achieved by those that don’t wait around for someone else to do something, or give them something.

Success is had by those who reach out and grab opportunity with both hands and never let go… accept challenge and overcome them… and don’t listen to people who are not on their same path.

If you don’t LOVE what you do right now… perhaps it’s time for you to SHIFT… perhaps it’s time for you to EMBRACE CHANGE and do your own thing?

If you don’t know where to start… here’s what I recommend.

How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything

This is a private video that I shot from my hospital room while going through a stem cell transplant. The video is addressed to my internet marketing community and family that were attending a live marketing event in Dallas Tx., in July 2016, that I was unable to attend in person.


As I’ve sat in my hospital room over the past week or so thinking about life and business, this message came to me and I wanted to briefly share it.

When the video was played at the live event, the audio malfunctioned for those watching via livestream, so I decided to post it here again for my subscribers, as well as those that were on the livestream and could not hear the audio.

If you find this message inspiring, feel free to share it with anyone you know that can benefit, or that may be going through something similar… and your comments are welcome below. 🙂

How To Flip An Upside Down Video (Best Method)

Yikes!… it’s upside down.

You shoot a video using your iPhone or other mobile device, download it to your desktop or laptop only to find that it’s upside down. Now what?

Here’s the best way to flip that upside down video… right side up.

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Over the past couple years I’ve had this happen quite a bit where I’ve needed to rotate or flip the orientation of my video. The real problem is mostly centered around the iPhone. In order to comfortably record myself on video, I use my right hand extended with my thumb on the button. This puts the selfie camera in the right spot, but will produce an upside down video when downloaded to my laptop.

If I flip the iPhone over, I cannot reach the button and my hand partially blocks the camera. So… it’s just easier to flip the video once I download it.

I’ve tried several other solutions to do this, including iPhone apps… and they just don’t do the job as easily and retain the video quality like using the method outlined above. The other thing is that this does not require you to buy any special software since the tool I use is a 100% free open-source download.

I hope you found this information useful… Be sure to leave me a comment and tell me if you did. 🙂

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How Much Traffic Does A Website Need To Make $100K Per Year (SURPRISING)

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One of the biggest struggles I had when I first started marketing online was understanding this concept of Traffic vs. Results. I was always taught that in order to make more money, I just needed to get more traffic. That’s not the entire picture (as you’ll see when you watch the video above.)

You can have a business where it takes 1000 visitors per day to make $100,000 per year… or you can have one that only takes 64 visitors per day to make $200,000+ per year. It’s your choice, and it rests with your understanding of this concept I talk about above.

I hope you found this information useful… Be sure to leave me a comment and tell me if you did. 🙂

…And if you want to see the system that I personally use to create a freedom lifestyle that allows me and my family to travel and do whatever we want, whenever we want… using this very blog… Watch this entire video. Feel free to reach out to me by messaging me on facebook here.

Good Things Come To Those Who… WORK

People recognize that in order to become a doctor, they need to attend medical school, show up for class, study, pass the exams and graduate. Those who drop out along the way, don’t call medical school a scam…

They recognize that they failed to put in the work required to achieve their goal.

It’s the same no matter what you are pursuing…

For example… You’re not going to achieve your desired weight loss goals by simply joining a gym. You need to actually show up, work out, learn about your body, gain an education in healthy eating, find your balance and develop a lifestyle that you can maintain consistently.

…There’s no magic shake, pill or diet plan… It’s a life commitment to yourself to get in shape and be your most healthy self.

You have to invest in yourself and your education and take action BEFORE you get the desired results. I think in most areas of life, people generally understand this.

Yet, for some reason when it comes to starting a business, especially in the internet marketing arena, the majority of people have it completely backwards…

They expect to get great results before they invest in their education, before they have a real clue as to what they are doing… and they literally sabotage their own success.

In internet marketing it’s all too common for someone to make statements like…

“I’ll give this a shot for 3 months, and if I see success, I’ll invest in more training.”

or… “I’ll give it try and see if it works, and if it does… I’m going to really go for it.”

Now, how would that sound coming from med student just starting their studies? Pretty ridiculous right?

There’s a term that we’re all familiar with… “Put some skin in the game.”

Those that are successful at anything do exactly that.

They understand that their “ODDS” of success are actually 100% as long as they just do what those getting the results they want are doing.

Why would you ever expect to get any results if you’re just “dipping your toe”, or “testing it out”?

Show me one single successful person doing that?

So… those that know me, know that I tell it like is. Here’s what you can expect when you first get started in internet marketing:

You will be required to learn new skills.

In the beginning you will suck at it (we all do).

You’ll get it wrong more than you get it right.

You’ll face challenges and get extremely frustrated at times.

You’ll feel like quitting at times in the beginning.

Most people will never understand what it is that you do, yet they will try to discourage you.

The thing is… there’s nothing here that is even remotely as difficult as continuing to live an unfulfilled life, working for someone else, and always having to make your life decisions based on whether or not you have enough money.

The real truth is that creating a large income online is incredibly simple for those that can get their mindset right and stop focusing on the fast money and putting an expiration on their efforts.

It’s not about the money, it’s about creating the lifestyle that you really want… and that requires a journey.

If you’re reading this and it strikes a nerve with you… perhaps you’re ready to start your journey?

My journey took me from losing my income and facing bankruptcy, to an internet lifestyle in about 8 months.

What I’m doing is very simple and can be very part time once you get good at just a couple very simple skills.

If you’ll watch the below free video and take it seriously (as if it’s a class you paid for), your journey can start today.

Check it out here – Watch this Video and Take Action!

Are You Stuck At Ramen Noodle Income? (How To Get Past It)

I chat with network marketers and affiliate marketers every week through email, on Facebook and Twitter… and most seem to be stuck at Ramen Noodle income.

What does that mean?…

It means that they are putting in the work in their business, but making a very small return… many not even profitable… barely enough to support a Ramen Noodle diet.

Now the biggest reason of course is that many join businesses and simply don’t do the work required to get any results… they don’t work on themselves, they don’t do the inner work that allows them to become the person that others want to join… I go into detail about that in this post about how to succeed in network marketing.

However, this post is focused on those that are actually building their businesses, consistently getting sales… but the sales are just not adding up to the income they expected… or wanted.

I recently spoke to a woman that is marketing a health and wellness MLM. She is regularly recruiting 6-7 new reps into her business every month… doing exactly what her company trains and promotes. She’s been doing this for 4 years and is considered a leader in her company, and has even presented on stage at a recent company event.

How much would you expect someone to be making that has been doing this for 4 years and is a recognized leader in her company?

The truth is she’s having a hard time covering the expenses of her business. Even though she’s making around $2300 per month, she’s spending about that same amount on advertising, gas, attending events, etc.

Now it’s all perfectly normal to have operating expenses for your business, but let’s break down why she’s stuck in “Ramen Noodle” territory.

When she brings on a new rep and they buy even the highest package in her company, she makes a commission of $250. As long as they keep their monthly autoship of the products, she will earn an additional approximate $24 per month, per personally sponsored rep or acquired customer. When those people begin to make sales, she can earn an additional override income on some qualified sales to make another $1-3 per month, per customer. There are also some bonuses in there that are hardly worth mentioning because they don’t make much difference.

So to reiterate… by bringing on 6-7 new reps each month… she’s making around $1700 plus team overrides and bonuses… a total of around $2300 per month, while spending around that same amount to keep her business going and keep bringing in 6-7 new reps every month.

So why does she keep doing this?… Simple. It’s because that’s what she’s been trained to do, and is continually told that eventually her team will get so big that she will make the big dollars from team overrides.

I’ve been in this exact same position… a couple of times actually. It’s really hard to take a step back, self-analyze, and really look at what you’re doing… really do the math. The emotional attachment to your team, the leadership and the company can be stronger than common sense at times.

It really all comes down to what YOU want…

Some people are perfectly content with a part time business that earns an extra few hundred per month, it’s a socially fun thing for them… and they’re really not motivated to go much beyond that. It’s not really a business… it’s a social club… and if that’s what you want, that’s perfectly fine.

But others, like the woman I spoke with, truly want to create something bigger, and eventually get tired of being told year after year to just keep going.

The 2 missing ingredients…

There are really 2 major things that are missing from most business models that when added can completely change the numbers… and the lifestyle you can create.

1. Effective Marketing Systems

Now many in the industry try to add 3rd party systems to what they’re doing. These 3rd party (front-end) marketing systems can be very attractive and promise the ability to generate leads and make additional commissions on system sales…. but, here’s what happens pretty much every time…

You join a 3rd party marketing system / lead generation system and start marketing that instead of your primary company. Since it’s easier to get sales of a marketing system, you begin getting leads and some sales of that system. You are told that you can promote your primary business on the backend… but very few ever actually join your primary business… and those that do become focused on promoting the 3rd party front-end system… just like you.

Now you’ve given up the power of leverage with network marketing for a straight affiliate commission on a 3rd party marketing system.

I watch this happen all the time.

What you really need is an effective marketing system specific to marketing your network marketing company or offer, but unless you have the knowledge, financial investment and technical expertise to create that yourself, it’s just not possible.

But there is a solution (more on that in a minute).

2. Higher Ticket Commissions

As you saw in the math above… it’s incredibly difficult to get to a significant income when you’re only able to make a small amount per customer. This is known as your customer LTV (Lifetime Value). With most network marketing and affiliate models, there is an extremely low LTV, which makes is virtually impossible to scale your business using any form of paid marketing (if your customer LTV is only $150, you cannot spend more than $150 to acquire a new customer without going in the red).

So how do you overcome this?…

You MUST have the ability to earn more per customer… have higher-ticket products and earn a larger percentage of sale.

Many in traditional MLMs try to overcome this by creating their own products, doing paid speaking engagements, etc… but wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to just be able to offer higher value products that your existing customers really need and want?

Here’s the thing… everyone in this industry who’s going to become successful, is going to spend a few thousand dollars over time on marketing training, additional courses, systems and tools…

What if you were able to actually offer your customers EVERYTHING they need to build a successful business… get paid high commissions on it… and have it be part of your primary business?

One Really Cool Solution…

The best way to me to explain this is to show you an actual “real life” example as a visual. This is a screen shot taken this morning from my backoffice showing the past 7 days of activity in my business.

Income Disclaimer: These are my personal results and they are not typical. Typical results in anything pretty much suck because the typical person joins and fails to commit and take action.

ipas system stats

Here’s the breakdown:

Hits: 2326 people that saw my business opportunity capture page here.

Leads: 438 people that subscribed by putting in their email address here.

Sales: 44 purchases of basic system and/or upgrade products.

Here’s how the “Sales” break down:

iPAS Basic: 23 total sales (12 were brand new system members, the rest were recurring members). You make $25/month per sale.

iPAS Pro: 12 total sales (5 were brand new members, the rest were recurring members). You make $50/month per sale.

6-Figure Shorcuts: 1 new sale. You make $100 per sale.

Here’s where it get’s interesting…

Because this system offers the exact solutions you need to successfully build a business all under one roof, many members will take their business very seriously and purchase additional products that pay much higher commissions.

iPAS Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Black: Because I had 2 Black level sales this week, I earned an additional $3,000 commission on each of them, for an additional $6,000 of income this week… without doing anything additional!

You can see how that really ads up… and how it allows you to scale your business up to whatever level you want.

If you’re one of those people that think that entrepreneurs won’t buy high-ticket products… think again. Make no mistake… people will buy products that represent massive value and provide them with what they need to build a thriving business.

Click Here… watch the video and get started. Everything is explained in detail once you join, and If you’re serious, I’ll personally guide and mentor you to get the results you want.

If you’ve had experiences like the woman mentioned in this post, please share them below in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you… and thanks in advance for sharing this post on Facebook and other social sites.

Your Setback Can Be A Setup For Your Comeback (Life By Your Own Design)

The above photo was taken back in Sept 2009 of myself, my wife Natasha, and our son Connor with our staff. At that time, we were running a successful financial services firm from an office in our home.

It was a good sized office we deigned for business when we built the house, and we had it setup with 5 cubicals, multiple phone lines and top of line equipment. However, as our son got older (age 3 in photo), he became a bit noisy and loved to come into the office and play with our staff… keeping them from work and disrupting phone calls with clients.

So, we invested over $200,000 of our own money in a $500,000 commercial office building, spent more on building improvements, added more staff, and ramped things up… 2010 was all set to be our best year ever in business.

Just 1 month later, the government changed regulations in our industry and forced us out of business. Essentially the regulations were “enhanced” to require a client billing model that only very large companies with massive operating budgets could conform to. This began our downward spiral into massive debt, being sued by banks, and eventually forcing a short sale of our home to avoid foreclosure and seizure of assets.

Thing is… it would have been real easy to continue to blame everyone and every thing for our situation… in which case, we would still be treading water today.

Instead, we put our heads together and did whatever it took to pull ourselves up, and begin to dig out.

The Blessing In Disguise

Our financial services business was a profitable one, but was also one that I found to be extremely unfulfilling. I hated commuting to an office… I hated hiring and firing employees, and having to manage employee issues. I had always dreamed of having a thriving business, but not one that required me to work 10-12 hour days. The problem I saw with this traditional service business model was that the only way to make more money was to hire more employees and/or work more hours. I was not happy with that, in fact I was quite miserable… I really just wanted to be home or out doing fun stuff.

It’s funny how the universe (or whatever you believe) has a way of self-correcting things that we internally don’t align with. I may not have stopped doing that business if it weren’t for the disaster that occurred… but losing that business was the best thing that could have happened.

It forced us to have some very deep discussions about how we really wanted to live our lives… our main priorities… and desired lifestyle and passions.

And it was from those discussions that we found a new path… one that is so much more rewarding.

Was It Hard?… Of Course It Was hard!

Making major changes in your life are seldom ever easy, but it’s in those periods of radical change that real personal growth happens. If we’d thrown our hands up in the air and said, “Well, I guess that’s it then, we’ll just be broke.” There would have been no growth, and we’d still be in that spot today.

“A setback is a setup for a comeback.” – Eric Thomas

Even though we were hundreds of thousands in debt with things collapsing around us, we did whatever it took to come up with the money to invest into our new business plan… we sold stuff, offered services on the cheap, and borrowed from anyone we could. It was damn uncomfortable, but we did it anyway because we had DECIDED to create something different.

Don’t EVER Settle For Mediocrity

I see so many people going through their lives, in careers they barely tolerate… or even despise. That’s not really living… and if that’s you, you’re still stuck in “The Matrix”. There is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve… and whatever incredible life you can dream up… you CAN create it.

It won’t be easy and comfortable to initially get there… but it can become very comfortable and easy once you’ve done it.

…And it’s so worth whatever you have to go through to get there.

Because we simply followed through on our decisions and did not allow any excuses, we are creating the lifestyle we created in our minds and hearts just a couple years ago.

We’ve created a multiple 6-figure income in a business that allows us to build up others… helping them to create their freedom.

As of recently, we are completely out of consumer debt… Yep, all of it! All credit cards paid, all personal and business loans paid, all cars owned outright… and loans from family PAID!

In the last 9 months we been on several vacations. Last October we took Connor (now 8 years old) for a 2 week trip to Disney World in Orlando Florida. We had a suite at the Animal Kingdom Lodge that had zebra, giraffe and antelope coming right up to our balcony. It was an amazing experience.

We came home from that trip, then headed for 2 weeks in Mazatlan Mexico, and since then we’ve been on several smaller trips. Now, we’re heading on a 3 week trip to Europe where we’ll be spending time in Turkey, taking a Mediterranean cruise to several locations in Greece and ending in Rome Italy. From there we’ll take a train to Venice to spend some time before returning home… all the while, my business will continue to thrive because what I do now is built around our lifestyle.

When we first started down this path, our initial focus was to get out of our mess and get our family back on track, but along the way this just evolves into so much more, and many others have joined us on this journey to make big things happen in their lives as well. We have create some amazing friendships with people all over the world, and it’s been an amazing ride for all of us.

The reason I share this is to inspire those that feel stuck in life, doing something that’s not internally satisfying… those that have that feeling that they were meant to do and have so much more…

YOU CAN! …and starting down that path is really just one decision away.

Take the time today to really dream again about your perfect life… what would it look like? …where would you live, what would you be doing?

If you can dream it, you can create it.

I hope this post has inspired you to rise up to your full potential and create you own life by design. Leave me a comment below, share your ideal life, and please share this post with others.

If you want to see the complete business model that is allowing me to live life on my terms, you can click here to see it… and if you decide to join me on this journey, just know that we’ll be waiting for you on the inside to help you every step of the way.

Because I mentioned income, it’s important that I state that my results are not typical because I don’t act or think like a typical person. Success can be had by anyone willing to step away from typical. Results will vary.